Friday, May 28, 2010


This comes from the Flickr of Mister-P, owner of the white 510 I posted awhile back. I guess it's a Wrangler, but it's been injected with so much rad that it's hard to tell anymore. I believe this shot is from USDM Jam. Airbags, Wats, stretch, Bride seat, Nardi wheel, all on a Jeep, and yet it somehow works.

If anyone can provide more (1024x or larger) images of this thing, hit me up and I'll ad them to this post and credit.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Not Your Average

I'd been following this car for a couple months now and and asked the owner to shoot me images of it when it was done. He's still going to go a little lower in the front, but it already looks nasty. Apparently the windshield visor is actually a rear blind from some other type of car.

Check out his blog HERE

Wednesday, May 26, 2010


I recently started up a subscription to G-Works via a member on the Japanese Nostalgic Car boards

It's a really good mag, I like it better than Nostalgic Hero or Old Timer because it features more tuned cars rather than just stock restorations. It also includes a great deal of tech info, often illustrated in colorful cartoons, such as how an LSD or manual transmission works.

If anyone is interested in getting their own subscription, head over to the JNC boards and look up a member named "G"

Check out the official G-Works site HERE

LSD explanation

Anyone stateside who owns a Hako should be getting this mag

TE37v mania continues! There are several pages in this issue of how every car imaginable looks on TE37v in different colors and fitment.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not Happy

My SSR Mk1's arrived yesterday, and I was ecstatic until I actually took them out of the box.

I knew they were in very different states of finish, but I did NOT expect them to be two completely different sizes. They were advertised as being 15" all around, but one pair is plainly 14" and one is 15".

I am taking it up with the seller now, hopefully he's cool about it, especially considering I already ordered a whole bunch of other stuff from him.

Subtle difference in size, but you can still easily tell

14x8 sticker, sure enough. Someone didn't look hard enough before advertising these.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Hatimaru 80's Meeting - Part II

More of the low-down boxy stuff. I got a lot done on my MX73 this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some shots of that soon.

Photography by Masaru Tanaka, and I was tipped to this gallery by Hasshy

GX71 Mark II. I need to find a bumper antenna. I will have more shots of the City Turbos in a future post.

MA61 Celica XX on Longchamps.

Another x71 Mark II

B310 with big N2-ish flares and Advan livery.

This is my favorite car of the set, given that it's about what I'm doing to mine, only mine's black and I'll have MkI's instead of Wats. I've ordered a chin spoiler very similar to the one you can barely see on the far left of this shot.

Friday, May 21, 2010

Hatimaru 80's Meeting

Hasshy directed me towards yet another huge 80's photo collection yesterday. I still have dozens of shots to post from the one he sent me on Wednesday, but these were too cool to withhold.

Lots more posts from both sets are coming over the next couple weeks, stay tuned.

Photography by Masaru Tanaka.

GX51 Cresta, sort of makes me want to keep my brown interior on the x73.

GX71 Cresta with a cage and Watanabes. I need to find a rear blind like this.

Probably my favorite car in the set, 5M-powered S120 Crown on BBS. I'm starting to appreciate the look of these cars when they have less extreme fitment, and I'm kind of hoping that the "period correct" look gets popular stateside.

I cropped this and set it as my iPhone wallpaper. I love the angle of the stacks.

New kid on the block. The Japanese have had their TE37v's for awhile now, but we're just starting to receive them in the US. Deals on Club4AG right now are surprisingly good.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Canna-Beer Redux

More content from Shitamachi, courtesy of ki-ck. Check ki-ck's new blog out HERE

I'm loving this E110 Corolla. Someone stateside needs to make this happen.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Low Down Style

The MX73 parts cache is starting to come together, so here's some of my recent inspiration. This is part of a huge archive that hasshy submitted to me, so many thanks to him. Much more to come as time goes on.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

USDM Jam v7 - Part 4

The madness continues.

The owner of the 510 from the first post commented and ki-ck shot me a few more photos of his car.

I'd never seen anyone really build a ratted 510 before, and I dig it.

The Ruckus posted earlier also belongs to him, so I added another image of that as well. I need to spray my frame black like this.

Monday, May 17, 2010

USDM Jam v7 - Part 3

Well, a few more people chimed in with submissions and now I have enough content from Jam to last from now until the end off the month. That's a lot of Jam, and so I'll be doing my best to break it up with some other content....BUT NOT TODAY.

Yellow VS-XX!

The interesting thing about this is that these cars were not sold in Japan in any form whatsoever, hence the LHD. Someone went to the trouble of importing it.

This car attracted a lot of attention on the Canibeat post. E110 Corolla sedan on DRW's. I've never seen anyone stateside do anything entertaining with these cars.

Not sure what wheels these are, Jline 7RL2? Very clean wire tuck.

The ubiquitous VW product on BBS RS, no authentic USDM scene could be without it. The Insight parked next to it is sporting HFP wheels which I believe are USDM only.

Friday, May 14, 2010

USDM Jam v7 - Part 2

I have enough of this for at least one or two more posts after this one, and then it's back to regularly scheduled programming.

A lot of these guys have Zoomers, Teru and ki-ck included. Note the BOWLS plate frame, NCY stuff, etc. Not what you'd typically see on a Zoomer in Japan, no TokyoParts logos in sight, 100% USDM. On a side note, I dig the blinkers attached to the frame, forward of the gas tank.

I have never seen these wheels before, or the rear fender. Wheels look like Mugen RnR.

I've never said this before, but you can quote me. I'm digging this Geo Storm.

Note Fatlace/HF/Illest stickers on hatch. There is a huge reseller market for US blog stickers, as evidenced by pricing on Yahoo! Japan.

If anyone can get me this USDM Jam license plate frame, leave a comment.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

USDM Jam v7

A few months ago, I made a few posts about the USDM movement in Japan. Several readers were nice enough to submit their cars, and now one of those readers has shot me a bunch of photos of USDM Jam v7.0. USDM Jam is one of the largest USDM events in Japan every year, and this latest iteration was held on April 25th.

USDM Jam site HERE

The photographer, Teru, owns the white Odyssey on BBS. Many thanks for the shots, guy.

His Minkara page got crashed from traffic when he had a magazine feature, and in true USDM fashion he also has a Cardomain page. Check it out HERE

Additionally, see some more photos from this set today on Canibeat

I will be posting more content from this set here as the week goes on.

Teru's Odyssey. I love this thing so much. See more HERE

I have no idea who owns this 510, but I'm loving it. If the owner reads this, please comment.

This is Ma$a's CB7, as also seen on HellaFlush a couple weeks back. Diamond Racing Wheels are really catching on over there.

Hiro West's Galant. He's part of Shitamachi/Canna-Beer. More HERE

This is ki-ck's MPV. Many thanks to him for making a lot of introductions. Check out his Minkara HERE and give him a shout.

I love it on the new Works, best set so far.

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