Friday, May 14, 2010

USDM Jam v7 - Part 2

I have enough of this for at least one or two more posts after this one, and then it's back to regularly scheduled programming.

A lot of these guys have Zoomers, Teru and ki-ck included. Note the BOWLS plate frame, NCY stuff, etc. Not what you'd typically see on a Zoomer in Japan, no TokyoParts logos in sight, 100% USDM. On a side note, I dig the blinkers attached to the frame, forward of the gas tank.

I have never seen these wheels before, or the rear fender. Wheels look like Mugen RnR.

I've never said this before, but you can quote me. I'm digging this Geo Storm.

Note Fatlace/HF/Illest stickers on hatch. There is a huge reseller market for US blog stickers, as evidenced by pricing on Yahoo! Japan.

If anyone can get me this USDM Jam license plate frame, leave a comment.

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