Friday, May 21, 2010

Hatimaru 80's Meeting

Hasshy directed me towards yet another huge 80's photo collection yesterday. I still have dozens of shots to post from the one he sent me on Wednesday, but these were too cool to withhold.

Lots more posts from both sets are coming over the next couple weeks, stay tuned.

Photography by Masaru Tanaka.

GX51 Cresta, sort of makes me want to keep my brown interior on the x73.

GX71 Cresta with a cage and Watanabes. I need to find a rear blind like this.

Probably my favorite car in the set, 5M-powered S120 Crown on BBS. I'm starting to appreciate the look of these cars when they have less extreme fitment, and I'm kind of hoping that the "period correct" look gets popular stateside.

I cropped this and set it as my iPhone wallpaper. I love the angle of the stacks.

New kid on the block. The Japanese have had their TE37v's for awhile now, but we're just starting to receive them in the US. Deals on Club4AG right now are surprisingly good.

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Once again, you deliver

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