Friday, May 28, 2010


This comes from the Flickr of Mister-P, owner of the white 510 I posted awhile back. I guess it's a Wrangler, but it's been injected with so much rad that it's hard to tell anymore. I believe this shot is from USDM Jam. Airbags, Wats, stretch, Bride seat, Nardi wheel, all on a Jeep, and yet it somehow works.

If anyone can provide more (1024x or larger) images of this thing, hit me up and I'll ad them to this post and credit.


Streetkarnage said...

SO SICK!! the seat is in the middle and the clutch on the left of the tunnel and brake/accel on the right.. has S14 SR20det with S14 running gear!! WIN WIN WIN

stretchandpoke said...

that's gangsta

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