Monday, February 22, 2010

Submissions - 3

I've been wanting to get this up here for a long time, and it's the reason I'm currently searching for a clean RA1 Odyssey.

This is Teru's car. He is a friend of ki-ck from Submissions - 1

1998 Honda Odyssey with an HKS turbo kit, NSX brakes, DC2 ITR Recaros, and coilovers (NO bags). Definitely an "OEM+" theme.

Definitely more of a "sport van" vibe than the normal VIP kit you usually see, and I think it works really well. As you can see, he also carries his Ruckus around in the van. Looks like the rear seat was removed entirely in that shot, and it fits an extended Ruck without having to angle it at all (which means it'll probably fit two side-by-side).

The orange wheels are Weds TC-05 and the silver ones are ADR's. This is a "USDM" style build, so he's been through lots of wheels that are common here but very rare in Japan. I love the tuck. Enjoy!

His Minkara page got taken down because it got too much traffic after he did a Magazine shoot! Here's a link to his US Cardomain, check it out:

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Rudder & Chris B. said...

cargo adds a whole nuth'r level of cool to that soccer mom van,,,

andy guinanao said...

Wheel specs for this van,??

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