Monday, May 17, 2010

USDM Jam v7 - Part 3

Well, a few more people chimed in with submissions and now I have enough content from Jam to last from now until the end off the month. That's a lot of Jam, and so I'll be doing my best to break it up with some other content....BUT NOT TODAY.

Yellow VS-XX!

The interesting thing about this is that these cars were not sold in Japan in any form whatsoever, hence the LHD. Someone went to the trouble of importing it.

This car attracted a lot of attention on the Canibeat post. E110 Corolla sedan on DRW's. I've never seen anyone stateside do anything entertaining with these cars.

Not sure what wheels these are, Jline 7RL2? Very clean wire tuck.

The ubiquitous VW product on BBS RS, no authentic USDM scene could be without it. The Insight parked next to it is sporting HFP wheels which I believe are USDM only.

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