Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Not Happy

My SSR Mk1's arrived yesterday, and I was ecstatic until I actually took them out of the box.

I knew they were in very different states of finish, but I did NOT expect them to be two completely different sizes. They were advertised as being 15" all around, but one pair is plainly 14" and one is 15".

I am taking it up with the seller now, hopefully he's cool about it, especially considering I already ordered a whole bunch of other stuff from him.

Subtle difference in size, but you can still easily tell

14x8 sticker, sure enough. Someone didn't look hard enough before advertising these.


Slappy said...

Ouch :_( I hope you get this issue resolved asap!

chris said...

These look like the ones that were up on club4ag, I almost bought those.

sixsylinder said...

These are the same wheels from C4AG. The seller is being pretty cool about it, hopefully we can get something worked out so I don't have to return the whole set.

xonix_digital said...

Damn man. Hope it works out for you! Dope wheels for sure.

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