Tuesday, May 11, 2010

USDM Jam v7

A few months ago, I made a few posts about the USDM movement in Japan. Several readers were nice enough to submit their cars, and now one of those readers has shot me a bunch of photos of USDM Jam v7.0. USDM Jam is one of the largest USDM events in Japan every year, and this latest iteration was held on April 25th.

USDM Jam site HERE

The photographer, Teru, owns the white Odyssey on BBS. Many thanks for the shots, guy.

His Minkara page got crashed from traffic when he had a magazine feature, and in true USDM fashion he also has a Cardomain page. Check it out HERE

Additionally, see some more photos from this set today on Canibeat

I will be posting more content from this set here as the week goes on.

Teru's Odyssey. I love this thing so much. See more HERE

I have no idea who owns this 510, but I'm loving it. If the owner reads this, please comment.

This is Ma$a's CB7, as also seen on HellaFlush a couple weeks back. Diamond Racing Wheels are really catching on over there.

Hiro West's Galant. He's part of Shitamachi/Canna-Beer. More HERE

This is ki-ck's MPV. Many thanks to him for making a lot of introductions. Check out his Minkara HERE and give him a shout.

I love it on the new Works, best set so far.


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Anonymous said...

i should build a jdm styled usdm ruckus (if that makes sense). hahaha. that'd be hard to explain.

yeah man, i just finished my first round of mods too... lower ncy seat frame (fitment sucks!), rPro frame brace with front pegs, bmx stem with a rucksters z-pro handlebar and PWJDM stretch kit. i love how it sits now... just want to do some other little mods (mirrors, blinkers, taillight, etc) and then swap in a fat motor.

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