Monday, May 24, 2010

Hatimaru 80's Meeting - Part II

More of the low-down boxy stuff. I got a lot done on my MX73 this weekend, so hopefully I'll have some shots of that soon.

Photography by Masaru Tanaka, and I was tipped to this gallery by Hasshy

GX71 Mark II. I need to find a bumper antenna. I will have more shots of the City Turbos in a future post.

MA61 Celica XX on Longchamps.

Another x71 Mark II

B310 with big N2-ish flares and Advan livery.

This is my favorite car of the set, given that it's about what I'm doing to mine, only mine's black and I'll have MkI's instead of Wats. I've ordered a chin spoiler very similar to the one you can barely see on the far left of this shot.

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