Monday, May 10, 2010

The new new thing

This is how my Ruckus is sitting after the most recent round of changes. I think I need to do some more re-jetting, shim the needle, do a drive face shave, and maybe switch to a Polini variator to get a few more miles per hour.

The shock is a 210mm Daytona, which is the lowest available Ruckus shock (5mm lower than ATR). It's super stiff and I don't scrape except for when I lean right and scrape the pipe a little. Bars/Stem are PWJDM, and since everyone asks, the GPS mount is a $9 part I bought off eBay.

I need to chop the front forks, since it has a reverse rake now that the rear is so low. Obviously, I also need to mount some manner of headlight, and that stock tail light is coming off asap. Rear reflector is bent up because it wouldn't clear the tire since the shock is so low. I also need a gas tank cover, want to try a vinyl wrap on one.

Please excuse my awful photography.


Marco Hsu, Sarbeque Boss said...

dude, that's cool as hell! I really want a ruckus or something to get me to and from class so I don't have to drive the Supra every day...

nathan ong said...

i want one.

Paul said...

That's a legit Ruck right there. Looks great man. Haha I don't know why, but the little intake with the K&N on it strikes me as "cute". Keep it up man.

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