Monday, October 18, 2010

New Problems

Picked this up two weeks ago, the day after I sold the MX73.

It's got a nasty clear coat peel, like sunburn, but otherwise it's perfect. I liked the MX73 a lot more aesthetically, but this is much more fun to drive.

I actually bought another S14 a week later, but I'll save that story for tomorrow.


Slappy said...

You sold it already? I wanted to see it with the SSR's on...oh well. Nice Zenki man, looks clean. Paint aint no thing. Whats your plans?

Oh, i finally took pics with the new wheels on, check the blog in a few days.

Derek said...

Factory 5 speed, I'm jealous. It looks nice. Get rid of that grille! I have a black silvia one if you're interested.

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