Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Twice in two weeks

So this is the other one, I bought this a week ago.

I got a preposterous deal on it, and the plan is to swap over some of the parts from this car onto the red S14, then sell this as stock. It came with some pretty nice stuff, including an ATS DeftForce and some decent Tanabe coils (DD Pros).

Wheels are CR Kai 17x9 +20. I wish they were 18's, but I'll deal, and slamming on 17's will look better while I'm still stock bodied anyway. Need to get PBM spacers.

I guess I could've just kept this and sold the red one, but I prefer red to gold and the red is a slicktop, which is what I wanted. The SE stuff is nice though.


Ruiz said...

wow man, you are scooping up S14s like no ones business!

sixsylinder said...

Yeah it's a little out of hand, hopefully I can swap all the parts over before it gets too cold out.

Slappy said...

cool beans

sexyhammer said...

I know you're swapping over all the 5 lug stuff and the SE gauge faces - right?

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