Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Precarious Circumstances

I think this looks really good, but it shows just how low you'd have to be to get a 15" wheel tucked in back. Needs a little less sidewall.

15x8 -12 (195/50) in front, 15x10 +0 (205/50) in the rear.

Pulled from this Flickr.


Slappy said...

I'd hit it.

Oscar said...

Problem is, that dude needs to start parking in the street. Then he can go lower and tuck tire all around. But he won't cause this is America and not Japan. :(

tim helton said...

Thats my old car. I was parking in the street and planned on going lower too but my neighbors called the cops on me when I parked in the street. They said they couldnt get out of the driveway when my car was there. Funny how they could manage to be gone when the cops showed up!

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