Wednesday, June 2, 2010


I haven't made a gaming post in awhile, so I figured I was due. My collecting hobby is bad enough that I could probably make 1-2 posts a day about stuff I pick up, but I'm going to wait and branch that off as another blog someday.

At any rate, I picked up this N64 Lodgenet controller from Assembler.

Lodgenet was a pay-per-play system used in Hotels that started with SNES in 1994 and grew to include N64 content in 1998. The controller connects to a special N64 via a telephone cord and the user can select various game content like they're ordering a pay-per-view movie in the room.

Obviously, the controller has a number of buttons/features that differentiate it from a normal N64 pad. As the photos show, there is no memory card slot.

Stuff like this is supposed to either be destroyed or sent back to Lodgenet or Nintendo when it's no longer in use, so it can be fairly difficult to find. I'd really like to add a functioning Lodgenet N64 to my collection alongside this controller.

Additionally, if you own a Wii, GO BUY SUPER MARIO GALAXY 2! I got my copy on Saturday and it is ruling my life.

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Marco Hsu, Sarbeque Boss said...

hahahaha I remember seeing those controllers in hotels! weird little things.

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