Thursday, June 3, 2010

Ki-ck Returns

I thought I'd post an update of ki-ck's MPV, as I really like what he's done with it. I've never seen anyone do one of these in the US, which is ironic because his van is supposed to be USDM styled. I think it looks bitchin', and if anyone stateside owns one and wants to take it in this direction I can put you in touch. I love the Meisters.

Check out his blog HERE

Taken with Teru's Odyssey

Ki-ck's Zuma. Note USDM-style Bowl's and Battlescooter stickers. I'm thinking about Zuma-swapping my Ruckus.


Nate said...

MPV looks better. That Zuma is sick! Where can I find mor epictures of modified Zumas?

sixsylinder said...

You can also look for them on Minkara, although they'll all be in some bizarre "other" category and thus probably tough to locate.

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