Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Fender Mirrors and Tsurikawa

I've got a lot more 80's meeting content coming this week, today from the grainier of the two galleries. I'm amped that my Mk1 seller is sending me the correct wheels this week, I can't wait to get the car done.

I always see people displaying extra parts, Tomica, and other items in front of their cars at meets in a "swap meet" style at these Japanese events. I've never seen anyone in the US do this, but I'm trying to encourage it at the upcoming Ruckus meet in DC on 6/19.

I need to find a set of Carrozzeria speakers like the set below. Anyone selling a set?

I love the City Turbo, it's like the Japanese take on the Renault Turbo 2. My Tomica collecting has fallen off lately, I keep getting emails from the Tomica forum wondering what became of me.

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Slappy said...

Love those Jilba's. Almost bought a pair on ebay but they were F'd!

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