Friday, June 4, 2010

80's Continues

I still have a few more posts from the Hatimaru 80's meeting.

Lots of miscellaneous wheel shots. First set looks like SSR superfins, but I don't think so.

I'd love to see what Dsalni could do with line drawings of some of these shots.

I had to get in one more shot of the City Turbos. I like everything about these, the asymmetrical grilles, round lights, huge fenders, etc.


Anonymous said...

Nice pics!!! What do owners usually sell in front of there cars? Some stuff is probably "GOLD" to me.

sixsylinder said...

Looks like a lot of Tomica in this picture, but the car two posts down has some speakers, a shift knob, a tsurikawa, a pair of SSR Mk1's, etc. Usually it's either toys or parts, vintage owners manuals, etc.

Slappy said...

To much eye candy!

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