Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Webmining: US-JDM Steez 2

The Japanese obsession with tuning vehicles to look like they'd been modified in the US is apparently not limited to cars.

I stumbled across these shots of a JDM Zoomer that had been completely redone to look like a USDM Ruckus. It has "Ruckus" badges, a "Yoshimura USA" stamped TRC pipe, Bowls and Fatlace stickers (3 of them), and Password JDM parts (I see a bolt kit and radiator screen at the very least).

He's even re-located the horn back out onto the light grille, the exact opposite of what we do.

I guess the TRC is built in Japan, stamped with a "USA" logo for US distribution, and then the guy went to the trouble of having it brought back to Japan to complete the USDM look? Bonkers.


FoxzayD said...

Hot Ruck...almost as hot as you SixSyl :)

Anonymous said...

is that a skatebording helmet?

sixsylinder said...

Not sure, but it does sort of look like one. I'd never ride without a full-face, personally.

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