Monday, January 25, 2010

Webmining: US-JDM Steez 1

I try to show some different stuff on here (i.e. Dodge Vans) rather than the same S-chassis, Corollas, and RX7's that are all over the place (not that I don't like them).

Everyone has heard of the "Spo Com" (i.e. Sport Compact) phenomenon, wherein Japanese tuners were putting lambo doors and LED washer nozzles on their cars in an attempt to copy the "F&F" look of half a decade ago.

Everyone wants what they don't have, and so the "USDM" or "US JDM" obsession in Japan has only grown in popularity since. I'm fascinated by this, as it's fun to see how quickly they pick up on US trends over there. I have tons of pictures of this stuff, but for this first look at it, I thought I'd stick to how the Japanese are copying "2009" trends from the US.

Roof Racks, BBS RS, rusted hoods, Fatlace stickers, etc. There are even LHD conversions and USDM (mostly California) license plates. I will be posting more of this in the future.

Sorry for the small pics.

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