Friday, June 11, 2010

Historix Japan 2010 - Part 3

Someone commented on the last post and told me that the GC10 is on Astro Supremes, not Torq Thrusts. I'm trying to find the owner now so I can get more shots.

I can't quite make out the URL on the windshield. Materia?

Sakuras! I like the glitter finish on the tail light surround panel.

This S130 (same car I posted yesterday) seems to have GC210 Skyline tail lights. It almost looks factory.

Speaking of GC210's. G-works has a big section on them this month. If you're not getting that magazine, you should be.


Kenny said...

hello! i am unsure who you are, i have received your comment on my blog but i wanted to tell you your blog is awesome! many of the photos you show on your site are same taste of cars of mine. very good to see. are you in Japan? i noticed you had many pictures of USDM jam recently as well.

xonix_digital said...

Dope S130! Dig the tails.

Nick Russo said...

Pleeeeeeeeeeese bro, i really need to see a full shot of the kenmery on Supremes! Its a first for me, and i would have never thought they could look so good on lo-pro stretched rubber. Heres my email in case you prefer to send'em to me for whatever reason,
Thanx so much, and thanx for a great blog!

Nick Russo said...

OOps, its a haku, slight senile moment there..

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