Thursday, June 10, 2010

Historix Japan 2010 - Part 2

More zaniness from Suzuka Circuit.

I don't see a lot of modified Cosmos, usually they're stock restored cars. I'd dump it more, but it's still cool.

The Z10 Soarer is so good looking, shame we never got it. Aesthetically I think the F31 (Infiniti M30) is the closest thing we have to a car like this, although it has a much smaller aftermarket.

Sportmax 002's, in Japan?

S130's have been growing on me.

I think this is my favorite car of the event. I like how the Torq Thrusts mix it up a little. Makes me want to put a set on my car. This HAS to be on bags.


Anonymous said...

That last Skyline is actually on Astro Supremes, not Torq-Thrusts. Here's a link to some on eBay.

Phil said...

Nice pics man, I dig that Z10 Soarer and the various Datsuns.

bkh808 said...

Sportwacks? Hahahah. Looks like the new thing is the USDM movement.

Slappy said...

Damn i love that Cosmo

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