Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Submissions - 1

A couple of weeks ago, I featured a Japanese Zoomer that the owner had converted into a USDM Ruckus HERE. The owner of that bike found this blog and made a post about it on his own Minkara Carview blog HERE. I found him via noticing that I all of a sudden was getting a lot of hits from Japan on Google Analytics.

At any rate, I encouraged him and his friends to send more pictures of their bikes/vans so I could put them up here. Going forward, if anyone thinks they've built something that I would want to show, send me content at

ki-ck owns a Mazda MPV on airbags, the NPS50, and a very nice Zuma. Note the USDM touches to all items, such as Fatlace stickers, PWJDM goods, and US license plates.

I believe the MPV is on air. The last shot shows a couple RA1's that I hope to post more about in the future.

Thanks ki-ck!!

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