Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Garage Life

My garage was a hellhole until very recently. Tools all over the floor, household stuff, old cardboard boxes, etc.

I got a burr up my ass this past weekend to do something about it. I've only just started (just organized, cleaned, and got some racks), so I won't be posting up mine until it's a little farther along, but I thought I'd toss up some shots of my favorite garages.

First and foremost is Mark Arcenal's garage, of Fatlace fame. I'm trying to avoid making my garage a carbon copy of his, but I will be hanging my banners the same way.

Next is "Jack Olsen" (member name) from the Garage Journal boards. I like his quirky color
combination and the general minimalism of the whole thing. I wish I could do something like that Ivy, but my HOA would throw a fit.

Last is another Garage Journal member who goes by "OL55". This is not the look I'm going for, as it wouldn't fit with what I have parked in there, but it looks sick nonetheless. He must have other, brighter lights in there that he uses sometimes though, as I don't know how you can wrench with just Christmas lights.

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