Saturday, February 21, 2009


Last spring, I attended Advanced SCCA Flagging School at Summit Point Racetrack. Flaggers/Corner Workers are the guys who make sure everyone behaves themselves on-track and the people who pull drivers out of cars when they flip/catch on fire/etc.

It helps then, to know how to work a fire extinguisher. Every year, to aid in this skill, they gather all the potential flaggers, light a car on fire, and give people a chance to try and put it out.

This past year, we turned a Ford station wagon into our pyre.

It was pretty cool to light a car on fire, although this was on the hill right next to turn 10 and Porsche Club was having an HPDE (High Performance Driver Event)that day. Smoke was ALL OVER the track, and anyone going around turn 10 was doing it blind. They were none too pleased, but we no care.

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