Sunday, February 8, 2009

DC Street Food 1

DC has an admittedly lame street food scene. There were obnoxious regulations in place until very recently that pretty much limited us to the same group of hot dog vendors. This has recently changed, and now we have Korean, Salvadoran, and all kinds of other madness.

Homage must be paid to the hot dog vendor however, primarily due to the ever-ubiquitous DC street treat, the half smoke. Think of it as a tasty middle-ground between a true smoked sausage (i.e. kielbasa) and a hot dog.

These people probably wondered why I was taking pictures of their half-smoke/egg roll cart.

$2.50 for a half smoke is a pretty serious ripoff, but this was admittedly down by the museums, where everything is 200% more expensive for the tourists. Hot pepper sauce is a MUST. It tastes sort of like Siracha.

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