Monday, February 6, 2012


I'm not usually much for replicars, particularly not when it comes to the pre-war Grand Prix cars that I'm so fond of. Most involve VW running gear, fiberglass bodies, awkward proportions, and are little more than mockeries of the cars they're intended to replicate.

This home-built Maserati 250F, on the other hand, represents a very nice product that should be within the reach of lots of prospective buyers. I don't think I'll ever own a real 250F, originals are worth around ~$3 million, but it seems like this would get pretty close to providing the same visceral experience.

The car was built in the UK, is aluminum bodied, and is powered by a BMW 2.5L straight-six with three Weber 40DCOE's. It is road legal, hence the tiny cycle fenders.

While I'm not crazy about a German powerplant in a replica 250F, it has to be very quick and I bet it sounds terrific. The builder currently has no plans to sell these to anyone but I'd like to convince him otherwise.

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izzy said...

wow this thing is just a piece of art to say the least. I for one am in for some films if they ever get loaded.

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