Friday, June 10, 2011

British Car Day 2011

The Chesapeake MG-T Register puts on a British car show at Lilypons gardens that I attend every year. I'm really starting to wonder why I screw around with S14's and things when I could have a TR6 or a TC...

Go here for 2009 and 2010

This year I thought it justified more than one post, so I'll spread the pictures out over the next week or so.

These catch my eye every year, although I think they're a handful.

The parking lot is sometimes even better than the show field. This is obviously not English, but it is probably my favorite postwar car of any type, the Citroen DS.

This is apparently an MG TC underneath. Definitely my favorite car of the show.

Morgan three-wheeler. Note V-twin motorcycle engine up front.

One of the few motorcycles. Not sure what exact BSA this is, maybe a Gold Star?

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Charlie said...

that bsa is indeed a gold star.

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