Friday, June 17, 2011

British Car Day 2011 - Swap Meet

I'm still soldiering on with this stuff because it interests me, fully aware that it probably doesn't interest anyone else.

This meet has a very substantial swap meet/sale area, which I've also noticed being the case at many meets in Japan like Historix. Whenever I go to a meet in the US, S-chassis or somesuch, this never seems to be the case, which is a shame.

I like poking through endless piles of crap hoping to find something that interests me, and it's also just fun to look at.

This guy had a lot of Lucas electrical bits, including starters, headlights, etc. I'm sure he does a brisk business as this stuff has abysmal failure rates.

Same vendor, but this table was all OEM tool kits. New cars don't really come with much in the way of tools, as no one knows how to fix anything themselves anymore.

Shop manuals, service manuals, and parts catalogs.

Diecast model cars, which was of particular interest to me as I collect old Lesney/Matchbox vehicles. I did not walk away empty handed.

This vendor probably had ten tables of random stuff, including lots of badges.

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