Monday, March 21, 2011



$EX¥ HAMMER! said...

The gas cap test I have always thought to be a huge scam. When my first car got inspected, everything passed except the cap, and they said, "Oh, we went ahead and put a new cap on there for you and just added the cost to your bill..." I said no, give me the old cap, keep your new one and I'll fix it myself.

Brought it back the next day (no charge for inspection redo within 48 hours) with the old cap, passed just fine.

Easy way for shady "technicians" to make a quick $15.

sixsylinder said...

Funny thing is that in Maryland, this is all run by the state, so there's no profit motive. They can't sell you anything.

$EX¥ HAMMER! said...

I can see the good/bad in that... If you trust the state than I'm sure you're less apt to get shafted. On the other hand, you can't really find a place that would "help you out" either. ?

Slappy said...

Same here...Failed.

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