Monday, January 3, 2011

Still Alive

Our son was born toward the end of December, and so I've been a little too busy to post much on here. It's been excellent, and it was a real struggle to return to normal work/school/life.

It was 50 degrees in DC this past weekend, and so I fired up the Ruckus for the first time in about two months and went riding, which was nice. I miss summer weather and long rides though. Minkus of StandardFunctions fame is always posting incredible shots in the TotalRuckus pic thread, so at least I can ride vicariously.

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William said...

I already texted you, but I'll say it again: congrats on your new arrival! Back in the day, when we were talking TNG, I never imagined the day you'd be a dad. I'm really happy for both of y'all.

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