Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I don't hate this.

2012 Civic, unveiled yesterday.

I was hoping for a *little* more dramatic redesign, but the more I look at this, the more I like it.

Now we just need a real 4-door Civic Type R in the United States. We missed the last one because we lacked potent enough gasoline, etc. I don't even care about the powerplant, leave it the same as the Si, I just want a factory lightweight with upgraded brakes and cooling. I am a ricer, I want RED SEATS.

I also want Champ White instead of this awful pearl white, but generally, I can't argue with the shape of the thing. They just took the last one and better-ized it.

Distressingly, the Civic will no longer be sold in Japan.

That can't be good for aftermarket support.


Bry said...

It's definitely not as hideous as the Civic hatch available in Europe and Japan. Honestly, it's not bad.

$EX¥ HAMMER! said...

It's pretty terrible looking to me after the last gen sedan actually had me considering one as a daily. So many conflicting design attributes, languages even!

The fascia screams Mk6 Golf to me. the A-pillar and roofline mimic the Prius (of all things). The lazy square-blended C-pillar from the Altima/Sentra does not belong here. Bumper cover and taillights look "melted." What the hell is going on with those side mirrors?

This highlights the reason consumers cited looks as the #1 reason they aren't buying Honda.

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