Monday, November 1, 2010

MA240sx BBQ - Part 1

Fun was had by all. Predictably, my mess wasn't yet registered and so I had to go on the Ruckus.

More tomorrow. Register on MA240SX today.


Nate's car is just tremendous in person. He will say that all these pictures make it look nicer than it really is, and I assure you that he is lying.

Ro giving everyone Kouki envy all day.

Narvin's SC. He formerly owned a gold Accord Sedan on SSR Reverse Mesh that was internet famous.

This thing had the biggest blister kit I'd ever seen.

My bike got passed around quite a bit.


Special Agency said...


Slappy said...
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Slappy said...

Damn i really wish i knew about this meet...

nathan ong said...

SOOOO fun! =) thanks for letting me ride the ruckus!

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