Monday, September 13, 2010

Cleaning House

Given that I'm frustrated with the Cub and waiting on a few parts for the MX73, I'm finally getting around to putting my game room in order. I realized that I own a lot of stuff that I'm not particularly attached to, which I intend to sell so I can refocus on buying more interesting items.

I did stumble across one of my Wonderswans, which I will probably start playing again on my morning train commute. I've always been a big fan of the console, partially developed by Gunpei Yokoi. It has lots of good turn-based strategy titles, especially Gundam franchise stuff. I'm also a sucker for anything with many limited hardware versions.

There was a Limited Box like this for both FF1 and FF2.


Nic said...

Wow,I have never seen one of these (from the UK)

Anonymous said...

yeah i've never seen that either, and i used to be super into games. sweet!

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