Thursday, August 19, 2010

Missed Connections

We had originally planned a Ruckus ride/meet on Saturday ending at a friend's Tutti Frutti frozen yogurt store in Columbia MD, but delays and weak attendance kept that from happening.

Nonetheless, the Columbia crew came down to Rockville and we grabbed bitchin beef tendon soup at A&J's Chinese Restaurant. Fun was had by all.

This is John's recently acquired GY6-swapped bike w/round tire ATV fatty.

I really liked this one also, incredibly clean, 52mph downhill (50cc GET). Makes me want to clean up my mess of a bike.

Note how my exhaust has come unclamped and is just hanging there. I scrape the pipe on right hand turns because the shock is so low, which I think is why it broke loose.

This was parked next to us when we came outside after lunch.

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