Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Christmas in July

After a very long wait that was very worth it, issue 4 of Japanese Nostalgic Car has arrived.

Anyone that's coming here to read my drivel should also be reading this magazine. Ben & Co have put together a tremendous publication and the new issue features an even snazzier format than before. This is a work of love wrought by people who own, drive, live, and breathe vintage Japanese iron. Even after only four issues, you can page back through them and see how the JDM Nostalgic movement in the US has grown and changed over time, it's our history. These sorts of magazines are NOT cash cows but are hugely valuable to the community, so please SUBSCRIBE NOW.

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Oscar said...

No joke, literally waited 2 years to finally get an issue of this magazine in the mail. I had even accepted the fact it would never come. How surprised was I when I checked my mail on Monday.

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