Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Color Me Impressed

I don't usually cover gaming news, figuring that there are better people than I to be doing such things, but I'm pretty excited about the 3DS after that keynote.

Check out Nintendo's site HERE

Be sure to look at the Metal Gear Solid shots.


William said...

It looks cool, but there's a new DS every year! Why do they keep this annual schedule? As a future parent, I hope Nintendo eventually gets out of gaming, or I'm gonna go broke!

Kenny said...

i know what william is talking about, i just got a nintendo dsi, and then the XL came out!!! (although the xl is a bit on the pricy side for me)

sixsylinder said...

I almost bought the XL too, but then the news got dropped on this and now I'm going to wait. I actually haven't bought one since the original in 2004 though, so I'm due.

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