Monday, April 5, 2010

TRA/6666 Customs S13

Everyone's seen this aero on the shop car, but I've been following this other build on Carview.

If anyone knows a photographer in Japan, shoot me an email so I can try to put together a shoot. Car is still in progress, and it's going to be nasty when it's done.

Wheel fitment could go a lot farther though.

I wish these pics were larger (and the same size), but cie la vie.


A Drifter's Tale said...

most excellent

Marco Hsu, Sarbeque Boss said...

Nice! It's so hard to find cars with this kit, I can only think of 4-5 off the top of my head.

Slappy said...

Well, seeing that the car is on a track, i doubt they care to much about being Hellaflush with their wheel fitment.

Matt said...

One of then nicest s13!

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