Friday, April 23, 2010

JDM Photosafari - 2

More content today from Colin Chu's trip to Japan. These are all from Akihabara, aside from the Yamamote Line watch picture.

I might post as many as six of these over time, as Blogger limits my number of images per post. I know this isn't what I normally post here, but I thought he had some really nice shots.

Big FFXIII billboard on the top left!

The Yamamote line famously plays a different tune for arrival and departure at each stop, and this watch both replicates the sign for your favorite stop, whatever it happens to be, and then also plays the appropriate jingle.

I will delve further into my Japanese train obsessions in another post. Suffice it to say that I have every Y-line jingle saved as mp3 files and the Shinjuku station chime is my current iPhone ringer.

The arcade games are Gundam P.O.D. (Panoramic Optical Display)

Check out the funny instructional video below.

Mousepad LOL

Ever walk along the sidewalk and suddenly feel a burning need to buy CAT5 cable? Now you can!

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