Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Submissions - 4 (ClubLoose FC)

I ran across this car on Slideways, a local Maryland drifting board. This thing stands out immediately with the wide DRW's and flares, and I ZOMG'd when I found out it was an LS2 swap. I hope to see this monster in person at East Coast events this year, and there will definitely be a follow-on post when the car is 100% completed.

Partial mod list includes:
-LS2 from 2005 GTO (LS6 injectors and intake mani, JTR headers)
-Tex Racing T101 4-speed gearbox
-OS Giken 1.5 way LSD
-Stance AL+ coilovers
-Turbo II calipers

There's a lot more coming, serious work being put in here.

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