Thursday, March 25, 2010

Not your average

It seems that modern Toyota products, aside from apparently being a great way to die, are increasingly popular cars to slam. Everyone's seen the few Matrixes and late-model Corollas that have been done and I like all of them.

I had NOT ever seen a current-generation Camry done up with any success though, but there's a first time for everything. This car belongs to the user/moderator "Princess Peach" on ToyotaNation

The car is lowered on Megan coilovers and he's run several sets of wheels. It was turbocharged for awhile, making 300whp. I like it because it's unique and I like it because he really spent time on many parts of the car not just "buy coils, buy wheels, post pics, part out" like so many others.

Photography by Fuji


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for posting this..I was actually looking for more info on it...damn I wanna slam my Camry bad nooow!

Slappy said...

The ONLY thing i dont like is the painted emblems.

Isidro said...

thats a nice camry!
but the bumper stickers are a tad too vertical IMO

Isidro said...

^I pasted the wrong URL when i commented... i had it copied because i added it to my blogroll.. so i pasted it in the comment link by mistake, instead of pasting mine:

...just so u guys know

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