Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Zerious Business

This post is really about Dennis' car, but before I get to that I have to plug his automotive art. He does INCREDIBLE work and everyone should go check out his site/store and pick something up. Man up and go for the canvas work.

Dennis' blog: HERE

Dsalni Drawn Store: HERE

With that out of the way, I can focus on what may well be my favorite S30 Z in the United States. Everything about this project screams "legitimate" and I can't wait for it to get finished. No knockoffs and no shortcuts, these are genuine NEW Watanabe R-types. Future plans for the car involve lowering the front a little more, 280z-->240z front end conversion, and some long term plans including maybe a G-nose and a swap.

Along with the S30, he also owns the following very intimidating-looking S14 that happens to have my favorite modern-era wheels ever.


Dennis said...

thanks so much for posting my projects, chris!! looking at the Z makes me want to go back in the garage (@ barely 30 degrees) and work on the damn thing.. tired of seeing it half way done all the time..

Slappy said...

Right on man. 2 awesome cars

Syrus said...

That S30 gives me a warm and fuzzy feelin'


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