Friday, February 26, 2010

I'm still skeptical

It's not as if Honda has a history of putting out disappointing product, but even as a self-professed Honda fanatic I still can't get too excited about the CR-Z.

It seems like it's not sure what it wants to be. The power output isn't terribly impressive and yet the fuel economy isn't any better than what you would get out of a Fit. That said, I've yet to read any sort of driving impression and Honda may well surprise us all. The first Japanese buyers are taking delivery right now, so we'll see how it shakes out.

I caught this post on Autoblog yesterday about the requisite Mugen add-ons that are being released for the car. It's a kooky-looking vehicle, but I could see the aesthetics growing on me over time. I wish the nose was shorter though.

Full Autoblog article HERE


William said...

Oh, that is a sexy Honda right there!

Syrus said...

Nope. don't like it.
Keep it nice and block shaped.
Hybrids are not my thing.
Those cells are such a waste,expensive to make and energy consuming to make like a mofo. What's more the only last 7 years. :O
Yep, keep paying moar moaney for stupid cars.

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