Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Webmining - Nissan ElGrand

Thanks to Google Translator and my limited Katakana literacy, I seem to run across a lot of interesting content just digging through the internet. Until I get bored with it, I'm going to start making a post or two per week with whatever I find.

These shots are from Minkara Carview. All shots on there are limited to 800 x 600, so not wallpaper quality. I will post all content as I find it, so any photo edits (i.e. face/license plate masking) was a part of the original shot.

This is a Nissan ElGrand. Unlike the usual oni-camber/hipari tire look you see in Vanning, this guy seems to have gone for a very track-inspired setup. While I'm sure he has no intention of seriously tracking this behemoth, he definitely gets points for thinking different. I love the brakes and the photography is very good.

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