Thursday, January 29, 2009

Forbidden goodies

I collect a lot of things, videogames not the least among them. I have a specific interest in non-retail items, or things that generally cannot or should not be bought. This includes unreleased games or code, development hardware, store demo items, "reviewer" or press items, et cetera. I think I like them because they're so hard to get, you can't just walk into Gamestop with a wad of money and buy a PS2 Debug station or something similar.

The two DS carts shown below are "Download Station" carts. When you go to a videogame store and download demos onto your DS, it's because they have a DS in the back with one of these carts in it, "serving" the demos wirelessly. Nintendo makes the stores return these when they're done and they aren't supposed to fall into public hands, but like anything else, a few slip through the cracks.

I'll feature some other dev/proto/demo stuff as time goes on. I've got loads of it.

Anyone potentially interested in this stuff should read THIS.

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