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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Loosen Up!

So, I generally feel like I'm familiar with pretty much every obscure Japanese auto tuning subculture. Drifters, Vanning-zoku, Art trucks, Kei tuning, boso, yanky, etc.

Once in awhile, however, something new comes along and throws me for a loop.

I stumbled across some pictures of Dodge Vans on the RS Watanabe website's "owner pictures" section. This led me to the following site:

This is the coolest thing I've ever seen. They run these vans at Ebisu circuit, apparently.

The best part though, is that the Japanese tuners in question seem entirely aware of the whole "perv van" stigma and are embracing it openly.

I will pay $100 for this T-shirt, if brand new. Can anyone find me one? I'm pretty sure that "Hentai no Tsudoi" means "Pervert Festival".


Alex said...

If you're able to glean any more information on suspension setup on these things, please keep us posted.

Stroke King said...

i know its been a year since you posted this blog. but i am also looking for this shirt. i did a collection for this kind of stuff

Anonymous said...

Those are the coolest vans I have seen. Would love to make one here in California. Any info on the vans? What year are they? Suspension info, rim/time info? Thanks for finding this, it's awesome!

Chad said...

Did you ever get a hold of the youga base guys?

I would love to know what the offsets are on the steel wheels that the orange van runs.

Unknown said...

Can you let me know where I can get any of the wheels on the the slammed vans.

Unknown said...

and 5 years later,,,

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